Your partner for metals recycling

Is your business involved in construction or renovation? Are you having works carried out in your offices or shop? Looking for a fast, efficient, cost-effective solution that is good for the environment for recycling your metals?

AG Metals offers 2 metals recycling services, depending on your needs and the metals that you have.



1) Our metals recovery centre

You would prefer our metals recovery service? We would be delighted to see you at our metals recovery centre located in Lot (Beersel) with your materials for recycling.


2) We can supply a container for recovering metals

Are you expecting to have a lot of metals to be recovered? Or maybe you don't have containers to store them? AG Metals can provide you with containers for one or more days, on condition that a location has been set aside for this purpose. A service that is completely free in the Brussels-Capital Region and its outskirts, provided that you have a minimum quantity of metals.


Our service for dismantling of metal structures and complete demolition

Rather than a metals recovery service, do you need a complete solution for dismantling metal structures or demolition? AG Metals at your service! Please contact Nicolas Van Gelder on +32 2 332 45 11 or via for more information.

Do you still have questions about metals recycling or do you want to make use of our services? Contact us on +32 2 332 45 11 or via Consult the list of metals that we accept.

Looking for a metal recycling solution for private purposes? Then surf to our page for private individuals.